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Updated: Mar 7, 2022




Putting is really very simple. You just need to allow the ball to travel on the correct path with the right amount of speed. At that point, gravity takes over and when the ball reaches the cup it will fall in.

So let’s start with that statement and build on that to produce the address position and stroke required to accomplish that goal.

1. You should place your feet about shoulder width apart with the ball slightly forward of center.

2. Grip the putter very lightly with the palms of your hands facing each other.

3. Your knees should be flexed slightly as you tilt from the waist.

4. Make sure your eyes are over the ball. An example of this would be to set up to the ball on the practice putting green, place a ball below your eyes, and drop it. If you have set up correctly, the ball would land on the ball on the green.

If the ball lands inside the ball on the green you would most likely miss putts to the right. If the ball lands outside the ball on the green, you would most likely miss putts to the left. (For a right hand golfer)

5. Your stroke should be smooth like a pendulum, not too long, and back and forth with a motion from your shoulders.

6. Allow the putter to move through the ball like it was not there.

7. Distance is determined by the length of the stroke, so the follow through should mirror the back stroke.

8. Most of all, make your stroke with confidence, for that is

the key to making more putts.

In conclusion, if you follow these tips that I have laid out for you, I know gravity will be your friend and you, too, will make more putts.

Photos below.

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